DNA storage : slow in comparisn to silicon memory chip! why?


Conventional education system would change that requires you know Programming, DNA technology and understand Philosophy.




My fiirst:


I have seen computer in 1987.


I have started using Internet since 1996.


I have learned Caldera Linux in 1997.


I have learned programming(C, Java:jdk 1.2 & SQL) in 1998.


I have learned DNA technology in 2001.


Since 2014...




My goal:


-To reduce time in any activity and getting better quality.

(Under self research, getting some +ve result.)



-To develop multidirectional skillness:

Programming, Philosophy, [Business].
















Its international computer network/ global system of interconnected computer networks, if a person do not have any device to connect s/he will be out of network to communicate.


Privacy policy:


Its a private website only to publish information, any change can be done any time without any prior notice. Owner do not have any liability of any issues of the user including third party weblinks and anything, you have to use website at your own risk. Email contact@kafi-giessen.com for any communication.


My vision:


Learning ... and improve.





Useful Info:


Object Oriented Programming is not newly introduced in 90's, this concept was started since 70's.

Since 1991 Java has changed

Internet, its a revolution in Internet invented by James Gosling in Sun Microsystems ( now its belongs to Oracle Corporation).